Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Right before college David came home from his mission in Washington. It was fun to have him back so that we could finally be the three little kids again! We really missed him a lot while he was gone.
This is a picture of three of us from youngest to oldest. It is amazing how different we look and the height difference also. I'm the little shortie : )

This is the start of one of the funnest college experiences EVER! This is the first dance that all of us girls went to up at BYU-Idaho the first week of school. Kind of a good start of O YES let the fun times being!

This is a picture we took in our dorm, Chapman Hall, our first semester of college. This is almost everyone in our dorm plus or minus some. Janae wasn't in our dorm with us girls but she was over al lthe time so we included her in and the same goes for Nicole. They were regulars in our place. Then again we had good ole Bailey in our apartment also. She didn't move in with us until almost the end the semester so she wasn't in this picture with us but she definately should have been. This is one of the pictures that we took when we were all dressed and ready; waiting for out dates to come pick us up. It was a lot of fun. Janel came over and helped me get ready by doing my hair and make up. Man was I sure glad that she was there. She did a good job with helping me get ready(I dont know what I would have done without her)!

These are some fun girls that lived right across the courtyard from me. I would run over there all the time and it was a party every night! It was always a blast. This is a picture of all of us girls trying to fit onto one bed. We made it but it almost looks like the bed was starting to bend down (well kinda sorta). They were also in my ward the first semester. I didn't really hang out with them that much at the beginning of the semester. The first time I started to hang out with them was when I was running over to see one of my friends Mindy but she happend to be asleep. Everyone else in her apartment and the one next to them were playing hide and seek. I discovered how creative people can be with hiding in such small small areas. It was a lot of fun and we all ended up in the loung probably hiding for RA's or something. Either way it was a fun night where I made lots of new fun friends!

First semester first best room roommate EVER is AMANDA ENGEBRETSEN! Here are just a few pictures of the two of us. I know that there are a lot more fun pictures of us together somewhere but I'm not really sure where those are because I always let everyone else take pictures since I dont know where my camera is.

Another pictures of us. We were at our FHE bon fire (Coming up more pictures of that bon fire).

These pictures are funny because Amanda is making some great faces in all of them. I hope I can find some more pictures of us sometime. I will for sure put them on with the updates!

Now I want to give a special shout out to Nicole Sloop Dschaak! She was my room roommate second semester of my freshman year. We met our first semester the first week of school and she was instantly good friends with me and all of my roommates. I would definately consider her to be one of my new life long best friends but here are some picture of she and I taken first semester.

FHE Bon fire. This is my first semester FHE family. That was by far the best FHE group I had. We had a really fun and involved group that did creative and fun activites! ~GOOD TIMES~

Here are some fun family past time events that my family did. I would have a lot more pictures of a lot of different activities that we did but I'm not exactly sure where they are or who would have them. I will need to look into gathering those together some day.

This is my twin, my other half, the love of my life, my absolute and complete opposite in everyway sister!.......Okay so that is a little over the top but I know she is just dieing laughing reading it right now. Anyways for those of you who dont know me she really isn't my twin sister but we were definately raised like it. She was born pretty much as big as I was well okay not at first but she caught up fast and she is for sure a good 4 inches taller then me. We are exactly twenty-one months minus one day apart.

What can I say my siser likes to kiss the yellow stone buff!

This is a sweet picture that one of my family members took while at yellow stone and I am pretty sure that it was David. It looks great David, GOOD JOB!

These are two of my sisters Janae and Janel. I have one more sister name Julia but I dont have a picture of the four of us. But we all sure love Julia!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A New Commer to All Blogging

Wahoooo the time has finally come that I have set out on the adventure of all of this blogging stuff. I must say it has taken a lot of work on part of Janel and Janae to talk me into starting to blog but I have decided to give it a shot. I'm going to start by posting random things that I have been up to this past year so I will see what I can do. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and seeing little snip bits of my life!